Rural & Economic Development

The Chife Foundation envisions a future of livable, self sustaining African communities that are environmentally friendly and economically vibrant. Using appropriate technologies, we initiate projects that improve regional infrastructure, enhance agricultural production and services, and promote diversification of economies to improve the quality of life.
Learn more about our Anam – New City Project.

Educational Development

The Chife Foundation aims to ensure Africa‚Äôs rightful place in the global community by investing in education. Africa can only leapfrog into the technological age if a certain critical mass of our largely youthful population achieves a certain minimum level of education. It has become self-evident that if Africa fails to invest in the education of its youth, it shall continue to lag behind the rest of the world and forever remain on the periphery of the global commons. Therefore, the Chife Foundation offers scholarships to brilliant students who cannot reach their potential without financial support and supports their advancement through the Fellows Program.

Learn more about our Fellows Program and the Scholarship here

Environmental Stewardship

Climate change affects poor nations, who are least equipped to
deal with its effects, the most. While we cannot control what other nations do in their contribution to ozone layer depletion and other practices whose net effect is to worsen and speed up

Our Work