The Fellows Program identifies and supports promising African students with the goals of advancing educational achievement, increasing local capacity and promoting responsible citizenship in African communities. The membership in the program is limited to Foundation Scholarship Recipients only.

Program benefits include:

  • Annual Tertiary Educational Scholarships Renewals – awarded to outstanding students with a propensity to science and technology who may not reach their potential without financial support. Students are sponsored for attendance at any recognized and accredited university of their choice in their country of residence.  Learn more about the scholarship here
  • Community Service Activities – Fellows complete social service activities and help facilitate educational & health workshops in their local community.
  • Internship Program – Fellows are invited to participate in the Foundation’s Internship program during June-August with the opportunity to work on international and interdisciplinary teams of scholars and professionals in
    • Sustainable rurban development & Master Planning
    • Agricultural Development
    • Economic Planning
    • Architecture, Landscape Architecture & Engineering Projects
    • Rural Health Development

Senior Fellows are fellows with 2 or more years of service with the Foundation that continue to contribute as advisors, advocates and mentors.

Meet our Fellows

Foundation Fellows