Civil Engineer

The Chife Foundation seeks a qualified candidate to lead the technical design, data & risk analysis, site grading and preparation for major infrastructures for a new city development.  Infrastructures to be developed include roads, canals, marine structures, building foundations, water & waste water systems and other structures.  The Civil Engineer’s work, in adherence to national codes and regulations, will contribute to the project’s overall urban design and resource management strategies including sustainable development, flood & wetland management and groundwater sourcing & recharge solutions.

Prospective applicants must be available to live and work near the project site in Anambra State, Nigeria for a period of at least 2 years.  Fieldwork will include surveying, assessment and monitoring of project site in rural Nigeria with seasonal water body and wetland conditions.


Technical training beyond the secondary level related to the field of Civil Engineering and experience with computer-aided design (CAD) is a prerequisite. Candidate must be a registered/certified engineer in Nigeria with at least 5 years project management experience in the field.  Educational background at the Masters or Doctorate level is preferred.

Knowledge in geotechnical engineering and/or hydrogeology is highly desired.  The ideal candidate will also have excellent project management and communication skills, and demonstrate the ability to work with an interdisciplinary, multicultural team.


Selected candidate will be provided the following:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Basic housing with furnishing
  • All work related expenses and travel


Applicants are encouraged to submit the following to us at inquiries@chifefoundation.org for consideration:

  1. Resume & Cover Letter
  1. References


Submission of application materials does not guarantee that prospective candidates will be contacted for an interview. Selection for an interview does not guarantee selection for the job position but will rather supplement the application materials noted above.

Civil Engineer