The Chife Foundation is designing and building a new city for the community of Anam in Eastern Nigeria. This settlement is envisioned to be exemplary in its approach to environmental, economic and social sustainability. Self-sufficiency, livability, maximized use of local resources and efficient design schemes are important objectives. The ultimate goal is to create a prototype for new (as well as existing) African cities, thereby creating a model for sustainable development on the continent.

Construction of physical infrastructure for the New Anam City Project utilizes locally-produced building materials sourced from local materials such as sand and soil deposits. First phase building materials manufactured on-site consists primarily of stabilized soil blocks together with sandcrete blocks and pavers. Subsequently, the building materials delivery system for the Project will diversify over time as first phase production technologies are proven locally and additional options for alternative building materials come online.


Block Factory Manager / Building Materials Coordinator:

The Chife Foundation seeks qualified candidate(s) to manage operations of the block production facility on-site within the New Anam City development. Responsibilities will include assisting New Anam City Project team and consultants with start-up of an industrial cluster for the production of stabilized soil blocks and sandcrete blocks and pavers, as well as initial testing associated with stabilized soil block production and management of Quality Control. Prospective applicants must be available to live and work within the project site in Anambra State, Nigeria for a period of at least six (6) months to one year.


Candidates should have either formal training in soil mechanics and process engineering and/or work experience in the area of stabilized soil block production. Familiarity with cement-stabilized soil block manufacturing techniques is of critical importance, while exposure in addition to sandcrete block production is also relevant to the selection criteria. Applicants should be able to conduct practical research, have excellent organizational and communication skills, and demonstrate the capacity to lead a production team. Technical training beyond the secondary level related to the above-mentioned areas of expertise is a prerequisite. Educational background at the Masters or Doctorate level as well as significant work experience are particularly of interest.


Selected candidate will be provided the following:
• Roundtrip travel arrangements & other work related travel expenses
• Basic housing with furnishing
• Competitive Salary with benefits


Applicants are encouraged to submit the following to
1. Resume & Cover Letter
2. References


Submission of application materials does not guarantee that prospective candidates will be contacted for an interview. Selection for an interview does not guarantee selection for the job position but will rather supplement the application materials noted above.

Block Factory Manager